Bridge the gap

Planning to improve on your home is a big commitment and can be very stressful for any home-owner. You may be considering building an extension, or you might be leaning towards a stylish conservatory. Both are excellent ideas if you want to add value to your house or just create some, elegant but comfortable living space.

But if you can’t decide which to opt for, a good idea is to bridge the gap between a traditional conservatory and an extension with an orangery. An orangery offers a slightly different take on a conventional conservatory, allowing you to create space and light within your home all year round.

Orangeries use less glass and translucent material than traditional conservatories which is beneficial in the summer as it reduces the “greenhouse” effect. In winter, it allows for a cosier environment, protecting you from those often seemingly endless winter months.

Whatever the style of your home, Charles Christianson can design and install a stunning orangery to suit your taste, whether it be a contemporary style or a more traditional feel.

Charles Christianson offers bespoke orangeries with unrivalled quality and craftsmanship that goes into every individual project. We provide nothing but the finest orangeries that allow you to revel and relax in the most exquisite living spaces.

The exclusive world of Charles Christianson is a new and truly unique approach to orangery design and installation. Let us guide you through the process to make your dreams a reality. Talk to us today on 01785 819828.